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College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Florida A&M University
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Selective Publications

  • Fulzele, S., Ramapuram, J., and Singh. M. Estimation of proinflammatory biomarkers of skin irritation by dermal microdialysis following exposure with irritant chemicals. Toxicology. 237(1-3):77-88, 2007.
  • Donghui, Z., Lennon, S.P., Peters, M.H., Finney, W.C., and Singh, M. Brownian diffusion and surface kinetics of liposome and viral particle uptake by human lung cancer cells in vitro. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 34(10)1573-1586,2006.
  • Fulzele, S.V., Chatterjee, A., Shaik, M.S., Jackson, T. and M. Singh. Inhalation delivery and antitumor activity of Celecoxib in human orthotopic Non-small cell lung cancer xenograft model. Pharm. Res. 23(9):2094-106, 2006.
  • Shaik, M.S., Chatterjee, A., Jackson, T., and Singh, M. Enhancement of Antitumor Activity of Docetaxel by Celecoxib in Lung Tumors. International Journal of Cancer.118(2):396-404, 2006.
  • Kikwai, L., Babu, R.J., Kanikkannan, N., and Singh, M. Stability and Degradation Profiles of Spantide II in Aqueous Solutions. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 27:158-166, 2006.
  • Chatterjee, A., Babu RJ, M. Klausner and Mandip Singh. In vitro and in vivo comparison of dermal irritancy of jet fuel exposure using EpiDermTM (EPI-200) cultured human skin and hairless rats. Tox.Letters 1:167(2):85-94, 2006.
  • Suniket V. Fulzele, Madhu Sudhan Shaik, Abhijit Chatterjee and M. Singh. Anticancer effect of celecoxib and aerosolized docetaxel against human non-small cell lung cancer cell line, A549. J. Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 58:1-10, 2006.
  • Kikwai, L., Babu, J., Oliveira, R., Armstrong, C.a., Ansel, J.C., and Singh, M. In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Topical Formulations of Spantide II. Awarded 2005 AAPS Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award in Pharmaceutical technologies- AAPS. PharmSciTech. Oct 31:6(4):E565-72, 2005.
  • Dayal, P., Pillay, V., Babu, R., and Singh, M. The use of a Box-Behnken experimental design in the development of a nasal drug delivery system of hydroxyurea: characterization of viscosity, in vitro drug release, droplet size and dynamic surface tension. Awarded 2005 AAPS Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award in Pharmaceutical technologies- AAPS PharmSciTech. Nov 17:6(4):E573-85, 2005.

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